Micro-Etcher and Sandblaster

R 4,999.95


CA-1 Micro-Etcher and Sandblaster

The introduction of the Micro-etcher and Sandblaster changed chairside bonding forever.

NOW available with water connecting via standard 4-hole waterline.


A chairside sandblaster is a vital piece of equipment for every dental practice, for a wide array of indirect procedures including:

  • luting,
  • cementation and
  • repairs of crown-and-bridge restorations.
  • Ideal for orthodontic and other appliances
  • Pit and fissure prep and removal of incipient decay.

When preparing a restoration for adhesion, sandblasting cleans and etches the surface using micro-mechanical abrasion which results in an improved bond strength for subsequent applications.

The design incorporates a precise and ergonomic handpiece with

  • 360-degree rotatable head
  • Removable head for easy cleaning.
  • Standard 4- hole design
  • Unique external multi-point air-and-water nozzles
  • Negative pressure design – No clogging – No back Suction
  • Tungsten Nozzles

Bonding to Zirconia?

Resin cement bonds to the phosphate sites available on zirconia.

During try-in procedure of a zirconia crown, saliva contaminates (complicated to be avoided) the zirconia and occupies these phosphate sites on zirconia.

These sites are no longer available for cementation and only sandblasting releases up those sites for bonding.


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Micro-Etcher and Sandblaster
R 4,999.95