Penetrating Finish & Polishing Resin

Light Cure • Wet-Bonding • Clear Shade

Seals Margins and Composites – Finishes and Polishes Restorations

  • Eliminates microleakage.
  • Provides smooth, durable, long-lasting, protective finish.
  • Cures clear. No yellow tint.
  • Eliminates final finishing and polishing steps.
  • Treats white lines. Prevents marginal staining.
  • Tough and resilient.

Seal-n-Shine and other Embrace resins have exhibited exceptional results when tested for marginal sealing against microleakage, without the use of adhesives or bonding agents.


Is Seal-n-Shine light cured?

A         Yes, it cures with all lights.

Do I air thin before light curing?

A:        It is okay to do so.

Do I etch before applying Seal-n-Shine?

A:        Yes. It is usually applied after polishing and finishing. Etch to clean and prepare the surface.

How is Seal-n-Shine applied?

A:        Apply with a brush or flocked tip.

How long does Seal-n-Shine remain on the tooth?

A:        Our testing indicates that Seal-n-Shine stands up to 2-4 years of typical toothbrush abrasion. It is reasonable to assume that Seal-n-Shine that penetrates into the margin should last much longer.

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