Embrace First-Coat

EMBRACE Chemistry

Embrace incorporates di, tri and multifunctional acrylate monomers into an advanced resin acid- integrating network that is activated by moisture and is recommended for use on slightly, moist tooth surfaces.

Embrace First-Coat is an adhesive primer for etched or abraded metal, ceramic and composite. It is a single component, unfilled resin that contains no solvents and is designed to penetrate and bond chemically and mechanically to etched or abraded surfaces.

It is light cure and is compatible with all composites.

First-Coat eliminates the use of metal primers, silanes and bonding agents on ceramic and metal surfaces.

Testing shows better results than silane.


  • Apply a thin coat of Embrace First-Coat to the metal and/or ceramic surfaces with a flocked applicator tip.
  • Light cure this layer. 20 seconds


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