DENTOCORE BODY Core build-up material

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DENTOCORE BODY Core build-up composite material

Dentocore Body has a firm consistency, which makes it ideal for core build-up.


  • Dual (self- and light-curing) Polymerization guaranteed, even in the areas which are unreachable with the LED curing unit light
  • Rubbery phase allows for removal of excess material
  • Enhanced mechanical properties of conventional Bis-GMA composite
  • Low polymerization shrinkage, better marginal adaptation
  • Excellent compressive strength for long lasting restorations
  • Fluoride release
  • Strengthens natural tooth structure and helps to prevent secondary tooth decay
  • Radiopaque
  • 3 different tips for Auto-mix syringes: Extra-fine, intra-oral and fine and flexible colibri

Available in

3 x 9g auto-mix syringes and

1 x 50g cartridges

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