Resin – Modified Calcium Silicate Pulp Protectant/Liner

CALCIPLUS LC is a light-cured, radiopaque liner and base material containing a small amount of calcium hydroxide and bio-glass in different di-methacrylate’s.

CALCIPLUS LC has high filler load and low shrinkage monomer to minimize shrinkage and stress.

CALCIPLUS LC releases favorable Calcium ions, Hydroxyl ions and Phosphate ions.

These are beneficial to tooth structure, to stimulate secondary dentin formation and to have cariostatic properties.

CALCI PLUS LC contains calcium silicate and a small amount of calcium hydroxide.

  • For anti-bacterial effect, CALCI PLUS LC contains Nano-Zn silica complex.


  • It has a remineralization and strengthening effect on human hard tissue, it releases the ions of its composition which stimulates hydroxyapatite and secondary dentin, bridge formation the equivalent to that of natural tooth hydroxy apatite.
  • Alkaline pH promotes healing
  • It sets hard upon light curing, and it is virtually insoluble in water and oral fluids.
  • Chemically bonds to adhesives and composites
  • Time-saving direct application and light-curing
  • Effective protection of the pulp

Advantages of a small amount of calcium hydroxide

After application CALCI PLUS LC ph. increase in a shortly time due do small amount of calcium hydroxide

  • Calcium hydroxide improves the initial ph.
  • High initial ph. stimulates the hydroxyapatite formation and secondary dentine fast.
  • High initial ph. provides anti-bacterial effect.
  • Calcium silicate does not increase the ph. As quickly as calcium hydroxide.
  • High concentration calcium hydroxide is disadvantage because of tunnel defects in the formed secondary dentine. So CALCI PLUS LC contains small amount of calcium hydroxide.

Indications for Use:

  1. Calciplus LC is intended for use as a direct pulp capping agent.
  2. Calciplus LC is intended as an indirect pulp capping agent in deep preparations, a protective liner in large preparations, base or sealer for use:
  3. Under amalgam restorations
  4. Under Class I and Class II composite restorations
  5. Under other base materials
  6. Under cements
  7. As a base or liner under deciduous teeth
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