Ambar Universal APS BOND

Ambar Universal APS is a self-etching dental adhesive indicated for bonding to enamel and dentin (restoration and cementation).

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Enhanced MDP:

In AMBAR Universal APS, the MDP is more reactive, which has been achieved by redistributing the concentrations between solvents, water and acidic monomers.

This higher reactivity increases the adhesive capacity of dentin (mainly without previous acid etching) and indirect substrates, besides providing adhesive film stability.

The adhesive allows different application modes and can also be used as a primer for metal and ceramics.

A reliable dental adhesive with high performance in moist dentin.

Ambar Universal APS dental adhesive has been designed to be used in several cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures ranging from the simplest adhesive repairs to complex prosthetic work.

As an easy handling universal dental adhesive with a high level of stability and with colourless aspect, dental professionals will find it to be an ideal alternative to other market brands.

The versatility of Ambar Universal APS dental adhesive is one of its biggest advantages, as it has great adhesion to different types of surfaces: metals, ceramics, composites and fiberglass posts.

It is practically colourless, which makes it a great choice for cosmetic dental practices.

This reliable dental adhesive can also be used as a primer for metal and ceramic restorative components.

Ambar Universal APS dental adhesive is reliable because it is made from a specialized formulation of solvents and monomers and is free of BPA chemicals.

It provides excellent performance at any moisture level of dentin.

Key Features

  • Universal adhesive: use under different acid conditioning protocols (self-etching, selective-etching on enamel or total-etching) and on different surfaces.
  • APS system: Excellent performance at any moisture level of dentin. Perfect for intracanal application.
  • Adhesive has a colourless aspect, not interfering with aesthetic restorations or cementation.
  • Combination of primer and bond in the same bottle, simplifying the steps.
  • It is compatible with dual, self or light-curing resin cements.

Product indications

  • All classes of direct restorations with composites (classes I, II, III, IV and V).
  • Adhesive cementation (together with resin cement) of prosthetic pieces (intra-radicular posts/cores, crowns, on-lays/inlays, veneers etc.), fiberglass, ceromer, ceramic, resin and metal.
  • Adhesive repairs in ceramic and composites.
  • As a primer for metal or ceramic (etching or non-etching).

A Dental Adhesive for the Best Patient Outcomes

Dental professionals, no matter how skilled, need the most reliable and effective tools and materials to deliver outstanding results to patients.

Ambar Universal APS dental adhesive has been designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clinicians so that patients get the best care with long-term results.

Advanced formulation based on years of dental industry innovation makes Ambar Universal APS the best dental adhesive when it comes to superior and long-lasting results.

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