ACTIVA BioACTIVE-CEMENT stimulates mineral apatite formation and the natural remineralization process at the material-tooth interface that knits together the restoration and the tooth, penetrates and fills micro-gaps, reduces sensitivity, guards against secondary caries, and seals margins against microleakage and failure.


ACTIVA responds to pH cycles and plays an active role in maintaining oral health with release and recharge of significant amounts of calcium, phosphate and fluoride. These mineral components stimulate formation of a connective layer of mineral apatite that is an essential requirement of bioactivity and seals and protects teeth.

ACTIVA’s patented rubberized-resin provides greater resistance to chipping and fracture than any other dental cement. It is durable, insoluble, and will not wash out or crumble.

The cement is dual cure, moisture tolerant, and indicated for indirect restorations including

  • zirconia,
  • glass ceramic restorations,
  • all ceramic,
  • resin,
  • metal/PFM, implant dentistry, and preformed stainless steel and zirconia pediatric crowns.

Automix syringe delivery is fast and easy to use. Excess is easily removed after tack curing.

ACTIVA is safe for all your patients. It is tissue compatible and contains no Bisphenol A, no Bis-GMA and no BPA derivatives.

3 Key Components

An unparalleled combination of chemical and physical properties delivers bioactivity, toughness, resilience, durability and marginal integrity:

  1. Patented bioactive ionic resin
  2. Patented rubberized resin
  3. Reactive glass filler
Key Features:
  • Tough, resilient, fracture resistant, absorbs shock
  • Insoluble – Will not wash out or crumble
  • Releases and recharges calcium, phosphate and fluoride
  • Chemically bonds – Seals against microleakage
  • No sensitivity
  • Moisture tolerant – Simplified technique – No etching, no bonding
  • Light cure and self-cure
  • Available in A2 and translucent shades
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